Blac Chyna's Provocative and Nearly Nude Pics From Instagram

Blac Chyna is up there with Amber Rose and Kim K when it comes to posting scantily clad photos on Instagram.  If you follow her feed, you'll find yourself with lots of sexy shots of this flamboyant black diva.  Her booty may just put Nicki Minaj to shame!  She has curves, and with her recent lock-down on Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  We decided to throw this montage of 15 provocative pics from Blac Chyna's Instagram feed, check it out...

Looks like she's assuming the position... doggystyle please???

The classic thong shot on her stomach.

Dear Jesus, look at that booty... freakin amazing, more selfie-shots please!

Ok baby, ok.

Blac totally naked on the bed in this one, that is a serious thigh!

Thanks for the view.

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