Blac Chyna Sex Scandal With Tyga Going Viral

Blac Chyna and Tyga are no strangers to sex video rumors. In fact, they have both been speculated to have tapes being shopped around by big adult companies such as Vivid Entertainment. So what's up with all the hype recently about their alleged sex vid? Well, this time it's different because Blac pretty much confirmed the gossip to be true by hiring an attorney to take down the people who are trying to sell it. She claims she is going to 'sue' the person who has possession of the film. 

This drama has created a lot of drama with Tyga and his young girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. According to close sources to the couple, Kylie suspects that Tyga is behind trying to sell the tape that he made with his former lover and baby's mama. She has every right to believe this is so because Tyga is known to do anything for money. Jenner is fed up with the dude and even her family members (Kim Kardashian and her sister Kendall Jenner) are expressing the same sentiments about the thuggish rapper.

On the other hand, Robert Kardashian isn't thrilled about his fiance Blac Chyna having a sex video leaked, but he isn't as angry about it as his sister Kylie. He is known to be a relaxed guy who thinks positively about most of his and family's drama. Read more about all the Blac and Tyga sex tape drama here.

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